Tuesday, March 22, 2005

SexGeeks: Anal Stimulation for the Straight Man

Here's another installment of SexGeeks (~23MB, ~50 mins)

This week we had a guest, Anthony, with us.

Here are some of what we talked about in the show:

Hetro/Homo male love

An awful swingers movie
May have been "The Lifestyle"

RealDolls, Fucking Machines, and sex with inanimate, or semianimate objects
Violet Blue's Delicious links
Elena Dorfman's photos of dolls and their owners

Lindsay wonders if there is such a thing as an escort service of women for women.

Anal stimulation and the straight man

Age of consent and sodomy laws

Saturday, March 05, 2005

SexGeeks: Horny Monkeys, Divorce, and Penis Injections

Here's the newest installment of SexGeeks (~47 mins, ~22MB).

We have some new equipment, so hopefully things are sounding better than last time.

Here are the things we referenced throughout today's show.

The Scientific American article on gay population distribution (link to summary, the full article is available for purchase only).

The Morning Wood and their discussion of genital shaving, among other things., a good resource for teens (and adults) on sex and how the sex organs work.

"The Four-Year Itch" by Helen E. Fisher. Published in the October, 1987 edition of Natural History.

Violet Blue tries Viagra.

Koko and breasts (on

Mark Savage's giant, enhanced penis
Photos from (explicit).

Update: Almost forgot that Rob also mentioned the gender issues podcast Sex Talk